The Mental and Physical Benefits of Reading



The managing partner of AMPS International LLC in Pembroke Pines, Florida, James Amps is an entrepreneur, educator, author, and motivational speaker who aims to increase human potential with his work. Outside of his professional life, James Amps likes to engage in his favorite hobbies, including reading.

Science has shown that reading as a hobby yields substantial benefits for the health of the mind and body. Researchers have noted that individuals who regularly participated in mentally stimulating activities in early and later life have a significantly lower incidence of mental decline. Similarly, some studies have shown that reading may have a positive impact on short-term memory.

Physically, reading can promote relaxation, resulting in lower levels of stress. According to a study published in 2009, highly-engaged reading may reduce stress levels by almost 70 percent, regardless of the book’s subject matter. In addition, there is scientific evidence that suggests reading can make people more empathetic to the plights of others.


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